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Research, innovation, development, three fundamental bases for all our products;

LEONARDO, at this day, after ten years of production is at its third evolution.

We always are in continuous research to improve our high-level products, in order to ensure a better reliability across time and increase the performance during washing process

We always give whatever support it is necessary to our clients; the material and components are tested singularly and then considered as a whole in the final assembly.



  • Hot-dipped galvanised coils structure, powder coated.
  • Stainless steel clamping and bolting.
  • Stainless steel accuracy components.



Scratchproof brushes capable of ensure an exceptional washing power, combined with sensitivity like no other and with a natural polish effect.

Quietness, reliability, waterproofing/impermeability and an incredible durability make our brushes a very unique product.

The electrical handling controlled by inverters, both in rotation and lifting provide an excellent control of the pressure exerted by the brushes during washing.

The insertion of pistons control on vertical brushes inclination allows the cleaning of those car parts that normally are difficult to reach.


High pressure

The plant high pressure covers every place of the car securing a deep cleaning of the car body with particular regard to the wheels:

  • High pressure with spinning nozzle for the rims;
  • Lateral high pressure;
  • Horizontal high pressure integrated into the drying blade.



  • Pickled stainless steel horizontal blade
  • Lifting through ropes in aeronautical steel
  • Anti-fall system
  • Entire body rotation blade
  • Rotation of the whole body of the blade with opposed pneumatic pistons
  • Electrical lifting managed by inverters
  • Stainless steel rails/guides



  • LEONARDO was designed and developed to be configured according to the customer needs and based on market forces. The selectable programs are 10 and all editable both in velocity and in execution times.


Extensive catalogue of accessories to configure the plant according to the customer needs.



The plant configuration, the programming of single programs, the brush calibration and the products management, the self-diagnosis and everything concerning the portal is managed through a particularly easy to read and use 7” Touch Screen display.

UMTS industrial modem for remote control of the plant with the possibility to download software upgrades whenever they will be available without the presence of the technician in the proximity of the machine.